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Beefatarians Not Wanted

The way that livestock is raised and killed has long made it a legitimate matter of public concern. Now that we can see that eating red meat affects the entire planet in a manner that none of us want, it is time for governments to end their support for it.
Covid 19 Vaccine
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Sputnik V could be India’s 3rd Covid vax: Experts

Sputnik V has demonstrated an efficacy rate of 91.6 per cent in the interim analysis of the Phase 3 clinical trials, which included data on 19,866 volunteers in Russia, who received both the first and second dose of the vaccine.
Coronavirus in UK
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US records nearly 1,000 coronavirus variants infections

The vast majority of the cases of coronavirus variants in the United States were caused by the variant originally detected in Britain. Meanwhile, a new SARS-CoV-2 variant, CAL.20C, has been detected in southern California and is spreading through and beyond the country.
France Coronavirus Covid 19
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‘New COVID variant 71 per cent more transmittable’

The new variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19 is believed to be 71 per cent more transmittable than the other variants, the Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) said on Tuesday when India confirmed six cases of the new strain.
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WHO prequalifies BE’s Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine

"GSK, through its R&D efforts at GVGH, is proud to have played an essential role in providing technologies to Biological E for their Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV)," said Francesco Berlanda-Scorza, GVGH Director.
lung cancer
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Tips to boost lung immunity

Wear a mask at all times — This point needs over-emphasis. Wearing a mask is the best way to prevent the virus from entering your respiratory tract.
coronavirus in Romania
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97-yr-old Chennai man beats coronavirus

Mr.Krishna Murti A, currently one of India’s oldest covid-19 survivor till-date, was admitted at Kauvery Hospital on 30th May 2020, after being tested positive for covid-19. He presented himself with symptoms of fever, cough and mild breathlessness.
Spinal Cord Injury
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New hope for spinal-cord injury patients

Explaining, Aleem Ahmed Khan, a scientist at DCMC and the paper's corresponding author, said their strategy, in short, involves growing nerve cells on biological constructs -- or scaffolds that act as a three-dimensional platform.
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Impact of US trade war with China

As of December 2017, China owned $1.2 trillion in Treasurys. It is being reported that the U.S. debt to China is lower than the record-high of $1.3 trillion held in November 2013.