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Indians in Ukraine
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India’s Ukraine Tightrope: Shashi Tharoor

The conflict in Ukraine, by seemingly dividing the world into two mutually hostile camps, poses a fundamental challenge to India’s traditional strategy of non-alignment. The country now finds itself between a rock and a hard place, potentially antagonizing the West while still losing Russia to China's embrace.
Qust al hindi
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What Is Qust Al Hindi?

What Is Qust Al Hindi ? It is medicinal herb that grows 1 to 2 metre tall. It is commonly seen in India including Himalayas, Kashmir, Jammu & Western Ghats. It’s roots has been traditionally used for many medicinal purposes and is recently been subjected to many research studies.
taliban afghanistan
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India’s Taliban Problem By SHASHI THAROOR

The Taliban’s victory over the United States in Afghanistan will not only greatly embolden their fellow jihadists, but also shake up the region’s geopolitics. In particular, an Afghanistan-Pakistan-China axis involving policy coordination would represent a major risk for India.
Delhi Rains
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Rain likely in Delhi between Feb 3-5: IMD

Another Western Disturbance is likely to bring snowfall to the Western Himalayan region from February 1 and may bring light rain to Delhi on February 3 following which, minimum temperatures are likely to fall again
Sonakshi Sinha
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Sonakshi Sinha enjoys a lazy Sunday

The actress had posted a string of pictures on Instagram, and also shared her result of the Open Water Diver Course Final Exam Answer Sheet. The actress scored 100 per cent in the test.
Saturnian storm NASA
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NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Survey Saturn and its Moon Titan

If you stop a random person on the sidewalk and ask them what their favorite planet is, chances are their answer will be Saturn. Saturn’s stunning rings are a memorable sight in any backyard telescope. But there is still a lot to learn about Saturn, especially about the planet’s unique weather and chemistry, as well as the origin of its opulent ring system. After its launch in 2021, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will observe Saturn, its rings, and family of moons as part of a comprehensive solar system program.