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US orders 24 Russian diplomats to leave by Sep 3

The Russian Ambassador's comment came two days after the State Department said it had laid off 182 local employees and dozens of contractors at American diplomatic facilities in Russia as requested by Moscow.
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Remote job searches soared to 966% in April: Report

The pandemic has defined the significance of skills as the top priority for hiring as opposed to location of the job seeker, the data showed. It is expected that employers would increase work-from-home options, embracing hybrid work as the future of work.
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PayPal plans to hire over 1K engineers in India

"Our India Technology Centres are the largest for PayPal outside of the U.S. and play a pivotal role in enabling us to constantly innovate and remain ahead of the curve," Guru Bhat, Vice President Omni Channel & Customer Success, GM -- PayPal India, said in a statement.
Unemployment Rate in India
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Comment: Skills at risk

Maybe it is time to do a skill inventory and evaluate which of your skills are fast becoming irrelevant as machines become more intelligent.
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DD News vacancy requires incumbent to provide reports to PMO, execute its instructions

The vacancies advertised include Delivery Planning and Execution Managers (Shift), Senior Image/Video Analyst and Editor, Video/Image Editor and Optimisers, Creative Writers and Social Media Mavens, Social Media Entrant, Online Research Managers, Social Media Creative Art Director, People Operations and Onboarding Manager, Data Scientists, Strategy Manager and Insights Officer, Head of Analytics and Insights and Social Media Delivery Planning Officer.
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Modi’s inability to fill in gaps on national security, economy

PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah always devise a roadmap to register a victory in elections but still even after four years they have not specified or discussed a national security strategy and how to take the country forward with the elected members of the Parliament. During debates, BJP ministers have always accused the Opposition of not thinking about the country but when they question, the current dispensation is reluctant to respond.