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islamic state khorasan province
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ISKP attacks in Afghanistan raises serious concerns

On November 2, 19 people were killed and more than 40 were injured in an attack on Afghanistan's biggest military hospital in Kabul. Two explosions hit the entrance of the hospital followed by gun fire.
Somalia Bomb Blast
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Twin blasts in Somalia kill 22

"The terrorists targeted innocent civilians, children, youth, community leaders and soldiers at bars near a police station and Bilan hotel in the centre of town. The death toll could rise again," said Abdi.
taliban afghanistan
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India’s Taliban Problem By SHASHI THAROOR

The Taliban’s victory over the United States in Afghanistan will not only greatly embolden their fellow jihadists, but also shake up the region’s geopolitics. In particular, an Afghanistan-Pakistan-China axis involving policy coordination would represent a major risk for India.
US-made M4 sniper Masood Azhar
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NATO forces’ M4 gun falls in JeM hands in Kashmir

Umar and Kamran had allegedly played a key role in planning and executing the fidayeen attack in which the Kashmiri suicide bomber Adil Dar killed 40 paramilitary personnel at Lethapora, Awantipora, on the Jammu-Srinagar highway on February 14, 2019.