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Afghan car bomb blast
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5 dead, 32 injured in Afghan car bomb blast

Five people were killed and 32 others injured after a suicide car bombing took place outside a special forces' camp in Afghanistan's Balkh province on Tuesday, an army source said.
suicide attack in Kashmir
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IED blasts signal new terror strategy in Kashmir

Terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for the attack, said to be the deadliest in the last two decades. It is being termed as second only to the car bombing in 2001 which killed 38 persons. The Scorpio being driven by local Kashmiri Adil Ahmed from Kakpora in Pulwama was said to be carrying 350 kg of explosives.
Somalia Bomb Blast
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Twin blasts in Somalia kill 22

"The terrorists targeted innocent civilians, children, youth, community leaders and soldiers at bars near a police station and Bilan hotel in the centre of town. The death toll could rise again," said Abdi.