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Volkan Bozkir
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Opinion: The partisan Turk who is United Nations President

Dissidence in Turkey is crushed with an iron hand. Anyone questioning Turkish leadership or its policies faces prosecution for 'insulting' Turkey. Prominent Turks who have incurred the wrath of Erdogan include Nobel laureate Orban Pahmuk. A veteran dissenting journalist was assassinated.
Rahul Gandhi
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Who is he? Is he my professor: Rahul Gandhi on JP Nadda

“In Bhatta Parsaul, Naddaji was not there. Even during the Land Acquisition time, neither Naddaji and nor Modiji was there. Rahul Gandhi was there. When it was the matter of lands of farmers, Congress was standing there. When it was the matter of waiving off farmers loan, Congress was standing there,”
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WHO prequalifies BE’s Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine

"GSK, through its R&D efforts at GVGH, is proud to have played an essential role in providing technologies to Biological E for their Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV)," said Francesco Berlanda-Scorza, GVGH Director.
Ajoy Kumar
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Congress trying to bring back leaders who had left

After the green signal from Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former IPS officer and ex-MP Ajoy Kumar rejoined the party on Sunday after leaving the Aam Aadmi Party and said that he was inspired by Rahul Gandhi.
Amethi Women
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Amethi woman, who attempted immolation, dies

UPCC president Ajay Kumar Lallu, meanwhile, accused the police of trying to implicate one of its party leaders from Amethi in the case. Lallu said that the incident proved, once again, that 'jungle raj' was prevailing in Uttara Pradesh.
Donald Trump
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Trump halts funding to WHO

Trump has accused the WHO of being biased towards China in recent weeks, and recently attacked the organisation for being too "China-centric" in its tackling of the coronavirus pandemic.