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Social Media Vigour
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Social Media: A saviour or a predator?

Taken together, the documents underline just how extensively Facebook was allegedly studying coronavirus and vaccine misinformation on its platform as the virus tore across the world, unearthing findings that concerned its own employees.
Aryan Khan
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Aryan Khan gets media high on dope!

Suniel Shetty, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan (he has issued a sermon for Aryan) and others have jumped to either the defense of Aryan or condoled him or his father! Missing logic and commonsense, is it not? In simple words, it defines hypocrisy.
Media capture
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Media Capture Under Cover of COVID

While media capture occurs in the best of times, a crisis creates opportunities to act even more brazenly to assert control over the information to which people are exposed. During the coronavirus pandemic, both repressive governments and Big Tech behemoths have seized these opportunities.