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Covid 19 Stamp
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UN Human Rights chief criticises India’s quarantine measures

"Without the ability to sustain themselves in urban centres and in light of the almost complete shutdown of public transportation, hundreds of thousands of migrant men, women and children were forced to walk hundreds of kilometres trying to reach their villages and home states. Some have died making the journey."
Parliament of India
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Rajya Sabha passes Criminal Procedure Bill, 2022

Referring to the strictness of the laws, Shah said: "The conviction rate in South Africa is 82 per cent, 84 per cent in the UK, 69 per cent, 94 per cent in Australia, and 93 per cent in the US."
Indians in Ukraine
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India’s Ukraine Tightrope: Shashi Tharoor

The conflict in Ukraine, by seemingly dividing the world into two mutually hostile camps, poses a fundamental challenge to India’s traditional strategy of non-alignment. The country now finds itself between a rock and a hard place, potentially antagonizing the West while still losing Russia to China's embrace.