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Modi Johnson
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Indo-UK ties on a new track?

The visit seems to be a hastily stitched plan, with no long-term goals and no narrative setting, and was unable to achieve anything bilaterally.
Social Media Vigour
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Social Media: A saviour or a predator?

Taken together, the documents underline just how extensively Facebook was allegedly studying coronavirus and vaccine misinformation on its platform as the virus tore across the world, unearthing findings that concerned its own employees.
taliban afghanistan
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Opinion: The resurgent Taliban

The world it may seem is bound to sit at the same table with Taliban, once they embrace political identity and become part of the political establishment, and this may mark a peaceful future for Afghanistan.
Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily
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The Death of Free Speech in Hong Kong

In most liberal democracies, publications such as Hong Kong's Apple Daily are usually seen as the unfortunate price to be paid for the right to freedom of expression. But with mainland China tightening its control over the territory, the tabloid was a pillar of that freedom, and now it is gone.
G 7 Summit
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Opinion: G-7 Summit Disappoints

The summit's Communique which was issued several hours after the end of the summit, promises many things but falls short of what was expected to be achieved before the summit.
Coronavirus in UK
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US records nearly 1,000 coronavirus variants infections

The vast majority of the cases of coronavirus variants in the United States were caused by the variant originally detected in Britain. Meanwhile, a new SARS-CoV-2 variant, CAL.20C, has been detected in southern California and is spreading through and beyond the country.