92% of World living in danger

United Nations, Sep 28: 92 per cent of the world’s population is living in the places where air pollution levels exceed WHO limits, the alarming fact was released by the World Health Organization on Tuesday.

“Major sources of air pollution include inefficient modes of transport, household fuel and waste burning, coal-fired power plants, and industrial activities,” Xinhua news agency quoted Farhan Haq, the Deputy UN spokesman, as saying at a daily news briefing here.

According to the UN figures the world’s population has touched 7.35 billion in 2015.

“However, not all air pollution originates from human activity, ” he said. “For example, air quality can also be influenced by dust storms, particularly in areas near deserts.”

Reportedly 6.5 million people are dying annually over air pollution, in which 90 per cent of the deaths held in low- and middle-income countries, with nearly two out of three occurring in the South-east Asia and Western Pacific regions.

“Solutions exist with sustainable transport in cities, solid waste management, access to clean household fuels and cook-stoves, as well as renewable energies and industrial emissions reductions, ” Neira added.

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