9/11 the Indian version after Demonetisation!

Armaan Amrohvi

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.

The 18th century nursery rhyme has been read mostly by all of us! But here the reason of quoting this rhyme is in comparison to the present scenario of the condition where India has trailed.

In the twilight of 8th November, PM Narendra Modi made an announcement to the nation, “From midnight today currency note of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 will be no more legal…!” This is similar to the 9/11 attack in the US which led to situation of unrest. Condition of unrest among the people buildup; people rushed to the ATMs to get cash for next morning, where also the old currency notes were being dispensed. All speculated that this situation will come to an end soon but even today–8 days after the announcement–when I am penning this article the situation of unrest in the nation persists. Long queues in the banks are to be seen rather a common view in every city of India.

Late at night on 8th November there were guidelines regarding the process for exchanging the old currency with the new one; the new guideline is to be seen in breaking news, being added on daily basis. Modi here I perceive to be Jack similar to the nursery rhyme has stumbled by this decision of his in the name of Black Money. The people who possessed the old currency kept on running and this led to a situation of strife in the country. No clear guidelines led to the death of number of patients who were deprived of medical aid as the hospitals refused to accept the old notes. Many foreigners who were getting medical aid in India have been sent back in this state of crises. Reason being that in exchange for old notes, single person can get only Rs. 4000; which was later changed to Rs 4500 on weekly basis not being enough to get treatment.

The common Indian has been the worst hit by demonetization! On 11th November just two days after this shocking announcement it was Gauna Devutthana Ekadashi according to the Hindu calendar—a day auspicious for the start of marriages. Number of marriages has been called off. In Pali a town in Rajasthan; two daughters are to be married, where the poor father had saved Rs.3 lakhs as FDs for the appropriate time. But when he went to bank to get the FD amount, he was told that he can only get Rs.20,000 against Rs.3 lakhs. The family is grieved on this announcement which is a similar situation at many homes in India at present.

The worst hit are the truck drivers who were on the highways. They were able to get fuel as per the somewhat smart guideline of the government that fuel pumps will honour the old currency, but the road side eateries refused to furnish food. The poor drivers have been hungry for more than 42 hours, which is pathetic. Anticipating the problem next day after the announcement government waived the toll all over India, but this could not fill the empty stomachs of the drivers. Situation is still same which has led to rioting in many places. In an eatery at Moradabad the owner was stabbed for not accepting the old currency, which proves that India is trending towards civil war in this sudden financial emergency.

It has been now eight days since India is mostly to be seen in queues outside the banks. All over India in these eight days there have been many deaths of the people who were in the queues. The ones who are due to some reasons not able to get to the bank are prey of Black Market as they are getting only Rs.300 against Rs.500 and Rs.700 for Rs.1000 old note. There is no mechanism perceived by the government to control this leechlike situation. But here at Amroha the people being well knitted have started to the ancient business process of Barter system, reason being that corporative banks are not allowed to exchange the old currency. But situation in other cities is not as favourable as here.

The people of the country are concerned about the present situation but PM advocates that future is secure. Modi the Jack here as per nursery rhyme is only giving verbal assurances unaware that the economy (Jill of the nursery rhyme) is also tumbling down. His promises about Make in India have been blown up, to the reason that the paper of this new currency has been imported from Italy, Germany and UK, whereas India indigenously manufactures the best paper. On the other hand the major scheme of PM–Swachh Bharat Mission–is being promoted on this new currency notes, these new currencies are the pamphlets for the promotion of Modi’s trailing scheme.

During his election campaigns in 2013-14 Modi had promised to bring back the Black Money from foreign countries. He was not able to even get the names of the culprits, but now with this scheme of his, he advocates that it will fetch out black money within the country, and all will have his much spoken slogan­–Achche Din–the Good Days!

By Armaan Amrohvi

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