8 crazy Pre-Wedding Shots that every Couple Must Try

New Delhi, April 30: If you are planning to have a pre-wedding shoot, then instead of the traditional romantic shoot why not try something new, funny, and crazy something that will reflect your personality.

A pre-wedding shoot is all kinds of awesome it has a clear save-the-date mention, due hashtags and oodles of new idea.

Every bride wants to look like a dream in her wedding pictures. And you will, babe. Because once the event is over and everyone goes, it’s only pictures that you have.

Here are some ideas for you to choose to bomb your pre-wedding shoot:

#1. Out of the box props

prop wedidingPre wedding 1

#2. Shower her with gifts

#3. Sunkissed Shoot:

pre-wedding-shoot 3

#4. Talk with symbols

pre wedding shoot 4

#5. Fly high in lovepre wedding5

#6. Try Some Candid

pre wedding 6

#7.Photobomb the shoot

#. Try some colours

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