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8 Activities In Mauritius..That Are Damn Exciting..!!



Every year,huge mob of visitors were observed in mauritius for several reasons.People love to visit here because of its astonishing beauty as well as the exciting weather.As this summer’s World Club 10s rugby tournament proved, Mauritius has a sporty take on paradise.

But did you know that this Indian Ocean island offers a multitude of activities and devasting adventures?

Few exotic destinations offer so many different pursuits to try in one place. You could combine one of Mauritius’ sports events – either as a participant or spectator – with any number of activities of your own, both on (and in) the crystal waters and amid the tropical landscapes.

Here are a few exciting suggestions… and however much energy you spend, a sun-kissed beach and cool cocktail will provide the rejuvenation.

  • Walk on the sea bed

walk on the sea bed-wefornews

Mauritius is an excellent diving and snorkeling destination, but for something rare and different, try a sea walk. No experience is needed for you to don a special viewing helmet that is connected by a tube to an air supply on the surface and descend a ladder to the bottom. Ambling slowly along beneath the waves is a tremendous experience, especially as the super-clear waters are so full of colourful fish and thrillng sea creatures.

  • Play golf on an island

play golf on an island-wefornews

It must have been a dream come true for Bernhard Langer when he was asked to design a golf course on a tiny exotic island. Ile aux Cerfs, just off the east coast, is a beauty, with fairways between volcanic outcrops and lush green forest, along with several lakes and a perfect setup of few holes where you need to shoot across a sea inlet. Most holes have an ocean view. The 18-hole layout has recently been upgraded and clubs can be rented.This place also being visited by the golf lovers.

  • Hike a canyon

hike a canyon-wefornews


Mauritius has its own mini “grand canyons” – the Black River Gorges. Part of a national park, they are a magnet for trekkers who want a memorable hike, but one that is not too taxing. Smothered with rainforest, the rolling hills through which the gorges pass boast many flowering plants, rare birds and animals such as macaques. At the end of one gorge, you can cool off under a waterfall.

  • Four-wheel fun

four wheel fun-wefornews

Quad biking is a stimulating way to get acquainted with the secret dodging landscapes of Mauritius. These one- or two-person all-terrain machines can go on the roughest tracks. Several of the guided routes ascend through forest to panoramic viewpoints; others take you to screeming waterfalls, nature reserves, sugar-cane plantations and clifftops.All the facilities are provided prior doing it like Safety briefings and helmets.

  • Tangle with a tuna

tangle with tuna-wefornews

There’s a big adrenalin rush as your reel screams, your rod bends and a hard-fighting tuna is on the end of your line. The waters around Mauritius are replete with not only big tuna but marlin, mako sharks, bonito and sailfish – world records have been set here. Fishing boats can be chartered exclusively or you can book a place on a shared boat for a half- or full-day trip.

  • Swim with dolphins

swim with dolphins-wefornews

In Mauritius, it is possible not only to observe dolphins from a small boat but to get in the water and swim with them – and have a moving and rock n roll experience. These enchanting mammals are active most mornings, sometimes in groups of 20 or more. After admiring the dolphins, your skipper may take you further out to sea to look for resident sperm whales or visiting humpbacks.Actually they are also quite interesting!!

  • Equine enchantment

Equine enchantment-wefornews

Even if you have never been on a horse before, a number of well-run stables around the island offer guided rides. Trotting along an empty beach is always a highlight – regular riders can even take their horses into the sea – while other options involve gently meandering through sugar plantations or along countryside trails, sharing your journey with the local wildlife.

  • Whirlwind adventure

whirlwind adventure-wefornews

Mauritius’ ravishing landscapes are even more dramatic when viewed from the air, which is why a helicopter sightseeing flight is so irresistible. You’ll soar above the peaks, canyons, lagoons and islands, appreciating the palette of vibrant colours. It is also possible to take a lunch trip to a restaurant by helicopter, or even to a golf course – a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

These are some of the mind blowing and thrilling activities you must try out if you are planning to visit this miraculous country called Mauritius.

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Truckers ‘postpone’ strike following request from centre




Kolkata/New Delhi, June 22 (IANS) Truckers on Friday “temporarily postponed” their ongoing indefinite nationwide strike following a request from the Central government as Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was out of station.

The strike, that began from June 18, had been called from June 18 against the high diesel prices, high toll rates and a sharp hike of third party insurance premium, and had entered the fifth day on Friday.

In a media release, All India Confederation of Goods Vehicle Owners’ Association — which had called the strike — said the decision was taken following a telephone call from the Centre, which asked the strikers to come for discussion after June 27.

“We have received telephone call from (the) Central ministry, that since the Minister is not in station till June 27, (they have requested us) to call off the strike and come for discussion after June 27,” said AICOGOA General Secretary Rajendra Singh and President B. Channa Reddy.

“In view of this and in public interest, we have (decided to) postpone the truckers’ strike,” they said.

The AICOGOA said the call for talks was received from Gadkari’s office.

“We received call from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s office and they have called us to talk… We have temporarily called off the strike because it was affecting truckers and people both,” another AICOGOA General Secretary Kausar Hussain told IANS.

Over 50 lakh vehicles remained off the road during the strike.

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AI’s 76% stake sale plan crashes, other alternatives to be evaluated

We ran a disinvestment process, where we made it very clear what type of bids we were interested in receiving… We asked certain type of bidders with certain bidding criteria to participate.



Civil Aviation Ministry

New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) The Central government has said that a 76 per cent stake sale process of the national carrier Air India has ended, as “no interest” was shown by bidders, however, it remains committed to the strategic divestment for which other alternatives will be evaluated.

“We ran a disinvestment process, where we made it very clear what type of bids we were interested in receiving… We asked certain type of bidders with certain bidding criteria to participate,” said Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha.

“No body expressed any interest during that process. So just by that set of those circumstances it is clear that that process right now is over… We have to move forward and we have to consider other alternatives, now as market conditions as industry circumstances change, we will evaluate all those alternatives but that particular specific process for the moment has come to an end, if need be, we can restart that or any other process depending upon the appropriate market circumstances.”

However, the government clearly stated that it is still committed to the idea of Air India’s strategic divestment.

Sinha added: “The government is committed to strategic disinvestment, what the modalities are and the circumstances are, we will have to monitor and evaluate as we go along.”

According to the Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu a few days back the Empowered Group of Ministers set up to look at the — Air India Specific Alternate Mechanism — reviewed the situation.

The minister, who holds the charge of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said: “… Because there was no interest we have decided to review the situation soon. In the meantime to ensure that Air India runs properly a plan is being prepared by the Air India management to ensure that AI continues continues operate efficiently.

On May 31, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that “no response” was received even during the extended submission deadline for the ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) bids under Air India’s divestment process.

“As informed by the Transaction Adviser, no response has been received for the Expression of Interest floated for the strategic disinvestment of Air India,” the ministry had said in a tweet.

“Further course of action will be decided appropriately.”

The government on May 1 had released a detailed document on clarifications sought by interested bidders regarding the divestment process.

The clarification document outlined that net current liabilities as Rs 88.16 billion (Rs 8,816 crore) and “these will remain with AI and AIXL (Air India Express) as these have been incurred in the course of business.”

“After deducting Rs 88,160 mn from Rs 333,920 mn, the remaining figure of INR 245,760 mn is the debt and liability quantum that will remain with AI and AIXL.”

As per the old timelines, the submission deadline for the EOI bids was earlier extended to May 31 and consequently, the date for the “intimation to the Qualified Interested Bidders” — QIB — which was supposed to have been the next stage was slated for June 15.

It was expected that by August-end, the government will be able to determine the highest bidder.

On March 28, the government had issued a Preliminary Information Memorandum (PIM) inviting ‘EOI’ for the strategic divestment of AI, along with the airline’s shares in AIXL and AISATS (Air India SATS Airport Services) from private entities including the airline’s employees.

The Central government owns 100 per cent equity of Air India. In turn, the airline holds full stake in Air India Express, while it holds 50 per cent stake in the joint venture AISATS.

Accordingly, it has been planned to divest 76 per cent government stake in AI, 100 per cent in AIXL and 50 per cent in AISATS.

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Motorcyclist on a multi-nation anti-plastic mission

Abhimanyu Chakrovorthy, 31, has set off on a 10,000 km crowdfunded motorcycle expedition through India and five neighbouring Southeast Asian countries to spread awareness of its pernicious effects and to encourage people to shun its use.



anti plastic campaign

New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) With India estimated to generate 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, media professional Abhimanyu Chakrovorthy, 31, has set off on a 10,000 km crowdfunded motorcycle expedition through India and five neighbouring Southeast Asian countries to spread awareness of its pernicious effects and to encourage people to shun its use.

“I have always been environmentally conscious about issues such as climate change and wildlife, and I used to practice this concept of outdoor ethics called ‘Leave No Trace’ in the Himalayas where you pick up your own waste and dispose it off properly.

“I am also a motorcycle enthusiast who has toured quite extensively across India. So this presented a unique opportunity to merge my two passions: Motorcycling and addressing the menace of plastic pollution in Southeast Asia and India. Hence this trip from New Delhi, covering more than 10,000 km, travelling to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal to raise awareness on plastic pollution,” Chakrovorthy told IANS in an interview just before he set off.

How exactly will it work on the ground?

During the journey, through tie-ups with NGOs and schools in the five countries, he has planned beach and city clean-up initiatives and will conduct short sessions/presentations with them on the global scenario in plastic pollution and what India is doing to fight it.

“Through these workshops, I will share knowledge about India’s waste management system, and also learn from them their solutions to the plastic pollution problem. Some of these countries have taken affirmative action on plastic and I want to understand more of what and how they’re doing it. The focus of my work will be on reducing, reusing and recycling waste as much as possible. Through this trip, I plan to document plastic consumption in these countries and their waste management processes,” Chakrovorthy explained.

The planning, he said, had been quite a nightmare. For instance, he figured it would cost Rs 70,000 one way through Myanmar and at least Rs 80,000 one way through Thailand.

“At this stage, a friend told me about (crowdoutsourcing platform) Milaap. This presented some hope because I couldn’t bear the cost on my own. So I got down to work and prepared my statement of purpose over one week for the trip to be advertised on Milaap.

“The fundraiser is still live on the platform and I am hoping to raise some money through it. My target is Rs 3 lakh and till now I have reached just Rs 40,000 but I am hopeful my story will resonate with people and some funding comes through Milaap. I believe the momentum against plastic pollution is strong and through this trip I will highlight all the challenges that come with waste management in Southeast Asia and India,” Chakrovorthy explained.

What about the back-up for the journey?

“I am positive that Plan A will work out, because there’s still some time to raise funds (through the platform). I am also in talks with a few potential sponsors who might come on board to help me out with resources. However, the Plan B is to simply skip Nepal and put my bike on train from Imphal (on the return leg) to New Delhi in case I fall short of money. Other than this, I don’t see any other issue,” Chakrovorthy responded.

What of the future?

“In the near future, I will be organising few more clean-ups in association with embassies and institutions such as Delhi Civil Defence and Delhi Police focusing on communities and societies by asking them to moderate their consumption so that less waste ends up in our ever-increasing landfills,” Chakrovorthy concluded.

(Vishnu Makhijani can be contacted at [email protected] )

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