71% millionaires, 9% women, 33% with criminal cases will elect India’s new President

New Delhi, July 15, 2017: As the nation is set to elect its new President, a report came into a highlight on Friday that notified that a total of 4,852 MPs and MLAs are entitled to cast their vote on July 17 out of which 71% are Millionaires, only 9% are women and 33% have declared criminal cases against them.

The Association for Democratic Reforms has analysed the 4,852 MPs who would take part in the electoral process.

MPs/MLAs with Criminal cases:

Out of the 4,852 MPs/MLAs inspected, 184 (33 per cent) out of 543 Lok Sabha MPs, 44 (19 per cent) out of 231 Rajya Sabha MPs and 1,353 (33 per cent) out of 4,078 MLAs across all states and union territories, have declared criminal cases against themselves affidavit in a self-sworn affidavit filed with the ECI before their most recent elections.

However, 993(20%) members have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

“Based on the number of votes that MPs and MLAs who have declared criminal cases, are entitled to cast, a total of 3,67,393 votes (34 per cent) out of 10,91,472 votes analysed are of MPs and MLAs who have declared criminal cases against themselves,” the report said.

Millionaire MPs/MLAs:

Out of 4,852 MPs and MLAs analysed, 3,460 or 71 per cent are multi-millionaires as per their self-sworn affidavits submitted to the Election Commission at the time of nomination for contesting elections.

Altogether, 445 (82 per cent) out of 543 Lok Sabha MPs, 194 (84 per cent) out of 231 Rajya Sabha MPs, 2721 (68 per cent) out of 4,078 MLAs from all state and Union Terrorities (UT) assemblies are multi-millionaires.

Women MPs/MLAs:

An analysis of the electoral college shows only 451(9%) of the 4,852 MPs/MLAs are women, who are entitled to vote in the upcoming Presidential polls.

Among MPs, Lok Sabha has 65 women MPs, that is, only 12% of the total strength is female. In the Rajya Sabha, it’s even lower at only 10 percent: that is, of the total 1.6 lakh votes that will be cast, only a little over 16,000 will be from the 23 women MPs in the house.

All State / UT assemblies combined have 51383(9%) votes out of 543480 votes from 363 women MLAs.

Among State assemblies, Uttar Pradesh has the maximum amount of women votes with 8320 votes out of 83616(40 out of 402 MLAs) followed by West Bengal with 6191 votes out of 44243 (41 out of 293 MLAs) and Madhya Pradesh with 4192 votes out of 30130(32 out of 230 MLAs).

The Presidential election is scheduled to be held on July 17 whereas counting of votes and the results will be declared on July 20.

The NDA has finalised Ram Nath Kovind as its candidate for the election whereas, Opposition’s nominee is former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar.

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