7 months after marriage to rapist, 19-year-old ends life


New Delhi, 26 Oct: After becoming a victim of rape, a 19-year old did not cope up to survive with the so-called punishment decided in a panchayat.

In an untoward incident, a 19-year-old rape survivor from Haryana committed suicide on Tuesday, seven months after being forced to marry her rapist on the intervention of Panchayat.

It is extremely shocking that panchayat made a deal with the rapist, Anuj to marry the girl as part of the punishment.

The rape had taken place at Jagadhri in Yamunanagar district in October 2015.

The couple married in March after which the accused was cleared of rape charges.

In the complaint filed by girl’s mother, the victim was subjected to physical and mental torture. The victim’s mother also alleged that she was hanged after being killed.

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