6 Movies in which actors really had sex

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There are many sensuous scenes in the movies and many of them are cut by censor board but it is true that several times actors have to fully indulged in the scenes to show the real chemistry between them.

Check out here, 6 movies in which actors had performed sex in real. yeah it was in real!

1) In The Realm Of Sensesin-the-realm-wefornewsA Japanese and French arthouse film, in which the actor features as a protagonist who loves to asphyxiate her partners and carry their dissected testicles in her kimono.

2) Lovelove-wefornewsLove, a French film, directed by Gaspar Noe, and the trailer 0f the flick itself shows many scandalous moments! The actors indulged in all the scenes to the fullest, and their ‘performance’ has earned a lot of appreciations.

3) Shortbusshortbus-wefornewsThis is an American comedy movie, the trailer features it as the most ‘unabashedly graphic American feature film’ and surely, it delivers! Shortbus is a saga of many sexually diverse characters, all boiling together in the melting pot that is New York.

4) Scarlet Divascarlet diva-wefornewsScarlet Diva is an autobiographical story descibing about a Italian filmmaker and actress Asia Argento’s struggles with drugs, sex and everything in between. Anna Batista, the lead actress, has done some pretty mind boggling scenes in the movie.

5) Pink Flamingospink flamingo-wefornewsThis 1972 American film features so many X-rated scenes which sparked a lot of controversy at the time of its release. Even today, this film has some of the boldest scenes ever.
6) Chatrak

chatrak-wefornewsIt’s a Bengali film, the lead actor Anubrata Basu actually performed oral sex on her in a particular scene, and it landed the film in a soup.

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