55 year old wins beauty pageant


New Delhi, June 17: Suzi Dent, 24-year old woman won an international title at the age of 55.

The Queensland mum beat swimsuit models and former Miss World finalists to take third place at the Mrs Earth pageant in Las Vegas last weekend.

Judges told her that she was a ‘breath of fresh air’ as she was the oldest contestant among all and still looks young.

‘Honest and authentic is what they called me.’ ‘They really liked what I was doing and that I was representing the over 50,’ she says.

“I woke up this morning (with my) body aching and feeling on top of the world,” she added.

Dent said, “Apparently I beat women who won Miss World. (It) just goes to show personality and being ‘real’ do count … I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

“I am hoping to inspire women to stop paying attention to their age number and be fearless about making changes in their lives and to celebrate their wrinkles, life experiences and knowledge.”

Wefornews Bureau

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