53 soldiers killed in Mali militant attack

Bamako, Nov 2 At least 53 soldiers have been killed in a militant attack on a military post in Mali, the government said on Saturday.

The attack in the landlocked West African country took place on Friday evening when the militants stormed the camp in Indelimane of Menaka region, reports Efe news.

The country’s Communication Minister, Yaya Sangare, said on Twitter that reinforcements sent to the area had recovered 54 bodies, including a civilian, and found 10 survivors as well as significant material damage.

“The situation is under control,” said the Minister, adding the process of identifying the bodies was underway.

Military sources earlier told Efe news that in addition to the deaths, several people had been wounded and major property damage was reported.

Among the details of the attack that are known is that the gunmen, equipped with heavy weapons, arrived on motorbikes and vans and split into three groups to launch simultaneous attacks from three different points.

Such was the intensity of the attack that the soldiers were forced to evacuate the outpost and the Malian Armed Forces (FAMA) took several hours – until midnight – to regain control of the situation after receiving reinforcements from other outposts in the region.

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