52 farmers committing suicide everyday : Kishan Sabha


Agartala, Nov 11 : All India Kishan Sabha General Secretary Hannan Mollah said that 52 farmers were committing suicide every day in the country in the Bharatiya-Janata-party-led government at the centre.

“The Central government’s farmer policy is completely anti-farmer. As no support price is being given to them — it had been BJP’s poll promise — incidents of farmer suicide has increased 26 per cent in this regime with  Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. 52 farmers are committing suicide every day in the country,” Mollah claimed.

He was in the meeting at Bishramganj, about 25 km from here, organised by the Tripura unit of Kishan Sabha, the peasant front of CPI(M), on the opening day of its state conference.

“Banks can sanction loans to corporates and industrialists, who often do not repay the debts, but the poor farmers are not given loans by the banks due to government’s anti-farmer policy,” he alleged.

According to Mollah, 41 per cent farmers want to migrate to other jobs as farming became a loss-making profession and BJP had pledged to provide 50 per cent of the product cost as support price  but paid nothing.



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