50 Cent flirted with Helen Mirren at red carpet

Helen Mirren

Los Angeles, July 24: Rapper 50 Cent has revealed that he flired with veteran actress Helen Mirren at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

The festival took place in June.

“She just has this thing, man — this sexiness. Like, Hollywood — when you look at her she embodies the whole thing,” 50 Cent told reports mirror.co.uk.

The rapper-turned-filmmaker also raved about her “eleg­ance that con­­nects to the red carpet”.

He added: “You find out when you see her.”

Mirren also chatted with the rapper at the Monaco bash last month. 

He said: “I said, ‘You just gonna shu shu for ever. You are going to keep this going for ever, huh?’ She didn’t say much – but her husband was right there. It’s her attitude, her confidence.”

During that time, he posted on Instagram: “I’m trying not to stare. She know she turns me on.”


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