5 Ways to accept your appreciation

accept your apreciaction

Delhi 24 November: Our hardwork and beauty both deserve to be praised by others but some are very shy and not able to accept the compliments with regards. And if you find it difficult then here are tips for you to accept the compliments.

  1. Don’t try to change the topic

Don’t try to divert the topic, be comfortable when some one appreciate your work or praise your dressing sense and all. Simply give them a smile and accept it with love and gratitude.

  1. Reply them with thanks in a polite way

Instead of looking here and there, take their kind words with with a polite thank you in the end of the conversation. Don’t be hurry to end the conversation it will look awkward.

  1. Resist the urge to give a compliment in return

When they give you compliment try to say nice words for them also but  don’t do it exactly the way they say to you. Listen to what they have to say and later add in an ‘I also really appreciate all the efforts you put in’.

  1. Body language says a lot

Don’t stand in improper manners, your body language says a lot without any words. Don’t look at your hands, or fidget with your clothes or pen, instead of looking that person straight in the eye. Maintain a polite smile, and accept the compliment with grace.

  1. Be confident

Instead of claiming that it was because of luck, learn to take credits of your hard work and efforts at your work place. If you personally feel that this milestone is small compared to what you

eventually have to achieve, simply say, “I still feel we have loads to do, but it’s nice to hear that we all are on the right track.” This will help you to be confident to take pretty words in a proper manners.

So if next time some appreciates you or your work, try these tips and it will definetly helps you alot.

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