5 tips to Beat the holiday blues


New Delhi, Jan 5: You’re back from vacation which means you’re likely feeling relaxed. But then the emails start to pile up, stress rises and suddenly it’s as though everything feels ho-hum again.

You don’t have to worry much because here are the tips one can beat the holiday blues by taking care of a few simple steps like settling back to home quickly but to work slowly.

Global research from Booking.com, an online accommodation booking website, revealed that travel gives us such an emotional boost that people consider planning and going away on holiday more vital for their happiness than other big life occasions.

* Settle back home quick: If you travelled over the Christmas and holiday season, unpack as soon as you get back, set your watch back to the right time, and arrange a grocery delivery for when you return. The more comfortable and organised you feel once you’re back home, the easier the transition back will be.

* Settle back to work slowly: Avoid overwhelming yourself with too much work as soon as you get back. Instead ease yourself in making reasonable, do-able to do lists for the first few days till you are able to catch up with everything. It may even be a good idea to go back on a Thursday or Friday so that the weekend doesn’t feel too far away!

* Go towards the light: One of the reasons that travel is the key to happiness is because we spend more time in natural daylight rather than confined indoors all day long so even though you may not be able to stroll down to the beach, at least try and go out for a short walk once a day. It can make a real difference to how you feel.

*Hold Tight to Your Wallet: Even if you’re counting on a big holiday bonus—or you’re just happy you have a job—this isn’t the time to splurge. Watch your spending for the rest of the month, or you may feel anxious about that monstrous credit card bill coming in January. So while you may not want to be a Grinch, a little bit of Scrooge can’t hurt.

* Plan your next holiday: One of the best ways to get over the Post Holiday Blues is to plan another trip – even one in the distant future.

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