5 Pitfalls to avoid before Cosmetic Treatment


Nobody understands how big a step cosmetic treatment is except for you. After all, it’s you who will undergo the treatment and emerge as a renewed person. To help you make the right decision and prepare for the big day, here’s a simple 5-point checklist of don’ts before a cosmetic treatment procedure.

Be it cosmetic surgery or hair transplant, these tips and tricks are universally applicable. As the timeless adage goes– ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ In this case, it can save a substantial amount of time, money, effort and heartburn if you follow the correct guidelines.

#5 Stop smoking and drinking: A few weeks before you commence with your cosmetic surgery procedure, stop putting alcohol or nicotine in your body. This is consistent with all aspects of cosmetic surgery – facial reconstruction, plastic surgery or hair transplant. Both smoking and drinking can cause complications in the long run. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you start eating healthy and catching up on rest before the procedure.

#4 Don’t choose the wrong professional: Choosing the right medical practitioner is half the battle. Of all the options available in the market, only a handful may have the skill and acumen needed to serve your needs. Therefore, we recommend that you undertake some rigorous research and study before determining which professional to eventually work with. There are two primary ways to determine if the surgeon you’re working with is competent or not. Check out his (or her) track record as well as his/her qualifications. Forewarned is forearmed!

#3 Don’t overpay for cosmetic treatment: The emotional significance of cosmetic treatment is understandably high. Therefore, you may go into the procedure with a mindset to spend a fortune. This is a wrong approach as there are competent professionals who can perform the treatment at reasonable rates. Yet again, the right amount of research is needed not only in determining whether you’ve picked the right professional, but also whether or not you’re overpaying for the procedure.

#2 Avoid certain foods and drugs: No two cases are similar when it comes to cosmetic surgery and the wide variety of treatments that fall under this banner. But certain food items need to be curbed as you get closer to the operation. For example, when it comes to hair treatment solutions, it’s recommended that you avoid junk food because it interferes with the condition needed to perform this particular surgery. Also, make sure you confirm with your physicians which drugs you can take before and after your surgery.

#1 Don’t spend too much time in the sun: This is a useful tip to follow both before and after the actual surgery. Not only can you develop a sunburn in the area of surgery, be it your face, body or scalp; too much exposure to the sun can even affect the healing process. Stay indoors and if you have to step out, do stay covered.

Dr Vinod Sonawane, from Bloom Hair Transplant Clinic, Mumbai, said, “Cosmetic surgery is a big step. It is something that has the potential to change your whole life. Be judicious and safe before you embark on this adventure. Best of luck to you!”

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