5 lessor known facts about legendary actor Mehmood

Mehmood Ali popularly known as Mehmood was an Indian actor, singer, director and producer best known for playing comic roles in Hindi films.

On the occasion of his birthday, we conclude you some unknown facts about the multi-talented actor:

In his childhood days, he worked for films like Kismet in Bombay. So the acting insect in him was in his earlier days.


He also works in different fields like table tennis coach to Meena Kumari, and driver for director PL Santoshi (father of director Rajkumar Santoshi who later cast him in Andaz Apna Apna)

He was the son of Mumatz Ali, who was a Public figure in 40s and 50s.



After his Marriage with Madhu, he decided to carry his passion and started working in movies including Do Bigha Zameen and Pyaasa.

Mehmood was a Tamilian, and was also known as Nawab of the Carnatic. That’ why he always nailed his South Indian accent in film roles.

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