42 IS militants surrender in eastern Afghan province

Islamic State in Kashmir

Asadabad, Forty-two Islamic State (IS) militants have laid down arms in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Kunar, the provincial governor said on Sunday.

“The surrendered militants were active in Wata Pur, Chawkay, Chapa Dara, Nurgal, and Manogay. The former militants joined the national peace and reconciliation process. The departments concerned would register their names and provide them necessary help,” Xinhua quoted governor Abdul Satar Mirzakwal as telling reporters here.

They handed over 40 rounds of guns and machine guns to provincial police authorities, the governor added.

With the former insurgents’ surrender, peace and stability would be further strengthened in several parts of the province, 180 km east of the country’s capital, Kabul.

Those who surrendered called on fellow IS members to join the process.More than 800 Taliban militants and Islamic State members have surrendered to the government since the beginning of January.

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