4 out of 40 Kids in Pradyumn’s Class Attend School After Reopens

Ryan International school

New Delhi, Sep 19: After reopening Ryan International School’s Bhondsi branch in Gurugram only four out of 40 students of Class 2 turned up on Monday since Pradyumn Thakur’s murder on 8 September.

The Class 2 student was found dead with his throat slit in the school washroom on the fateful day. A bus conductor confessed to the killing, but many questions still remain unanswered and the school administration has faced serious flak for the security lapse.

Approximately only 100 students attended school out of a total of 2,500, a security personnel told.

The school is still failing with major security measures – does not have a visitors’ book at the gate to keep track of people entering the gates. Without any identification proof, people who claimed to be parents of the students of the school were let in.

However, the school has been provided with police security by the state government, for now.

Further a student of Pradyumn’s class told, the students are allowed to go to the washroom with a buddy.The students from senior classes have also been asked to avoid the media.

Pradyumn’s father demanded that the school should remain shut till the security issues are solved.

The parents of the students studying in the school are worried about the safety of their children inside the school premises. A parent said, “I’m pretty worried if everything is going to be okay inside the school premises. I’ll take my child back home if I don’t get reassurances. I’m not leaving my kid.”

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