4 dead, 1 injured in gas cylinder explosion at Pune’s Bhusari Colony

Four dead and one critically injured with severe burns in a fire incident at Right Bhusari colony, Kothrud. The fire is reported to have started around 5.30-6pm in the evening and around 6 fire tenders were needed to bring the fire under control.

As per the primary reports from officials, the fire started from a spark from the welding work which was happening in Mayuresh Dining Hall. “Gas welding work was going on and the spark started fire in a bedding behind a shed, which was apparently a foam bed-making factory. Four dead bodies have been recovered so far which may be of the workers. The fire fighters are searching for any more casualties,” said DCP, Tushar Joshi.

Prashant Ranpise, Pune Chief Fire Officer said, “Since there are godowns of wrought iron where fabrication and foam articles were stored. By the time our first vehicle came within 6 minutes, the flames were 2 floors highs. The flames had reached the neighbor building also whose residents were also rescued. Due to welding and tin sheds, the fire took a dangerous angle quickly.”

As per the current owner of the shed, He had given this place on rent to someone else, who stored the fabrication works and foam beddings there. When the fire started, there were 7 workers present, out of which 4 are dead and 2 are injured. The other worker probably fled or is under the debris. The owner added that there were no cylinder blasts as the kitchen is located on another side of the building.

“Stairs were full of smoke and we were stuck on the top floor. I was on the 3rd floor and the smoke was so much that I had to go down from my terrace to the lower floor. I waited for half an hour on the terrace till the fire fighters rescued us,” said a resident of Harshal Corner, staying next to Mayuresh dining hall. The dining hall started in 2005 and we have been complaining since then, they added.

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