After failed coup attempt, Turkey announces 3 months ‘state of emergency’


In response to failed coup attempt on July 15, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday announced ‘state of emergency’ for three months.

“In the national security council meeting, we decided to propose the government to declare state of emergency according to article 120 of the constitution. The cabinet has decided to declare state of emergency for three months,” media quoted Erdogan as saying after a cabinet meeting he chaired on Wednesday.

He lamented that “This practice is not against democracy, law and freedom. In contrary, it’s for defending, extending and enhancing these values.”

“Declaring state of emergency aims to take steps for eliminating the risk posed against our citizens’ rights and freedoms, democracy, state of law in our country, in the most efficient and rapid way,” Erdogan said.

The president called on the country not to worry, saying that they have taken necessary measures, including the economic ones.

The state of emergency will take into effect after approved at the parliament.

The failed coup attempt, which began on 15th July, was crushed the next day; at least 290 people, including more than 100 “coup plotters,” were killed, authorities said.

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