33 people killed in car accidents over Carnival in Bolivia


La Paz, March 1, 2017: Four days of Carnival in Bolivia, lasting from February 24 to 27, have seen 33 people killed in car accidents, with Monday being the deadliest due to two fatal ones, according to a police report.

A total of 24 people were killed on Monday, Xinhua news agency quoted Bolivia’s deputy transport police chief Erick Paniagua as saying.

The preliminary reports showed that Monday’s first accident happened when a minibus in the town of Tacacora fell off the road, killing 17 people.

“Six men, nine women and two children lost their lives in the accident, and no passengers survived,” Paniagua said, adding that local residents rushed to the accident site, trying to rescue their loved ones.

The other accident occurred when a passenger bus fell down a cliff near Licoma, killing seven people and injuring over 10 others.

The bus, owned by Trans Santiago company, left the capital city of La Paz to join the town of Cajuata, according to the police.

Paniagua added that nine other people were killed between Friday and Sunday.

The police will have an official report on Wednesday.

In 2016, a total of 52 people died during the four-day Carnival, with most causes linked to excessive consumption of alcohol.


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