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Britain’s new PM forms cabinet, appoints Boris Johnson as Foreign Secy



London, July 14, 2016: After becoming the Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May devoted most of her first hours on Wednesday to naming the prime members of the team that will have the task of implementing voters decision to leave the European Union. However, She appointed Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson as the country’s new Foreign Secretary.

Until now a back-bencher, the promotion will cascade Johnson onto the world stage. Johnson served as Mayor of London from 2008 until this year when he was replaced by Sadiq Khan. He was elected last year as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, but had served previously as an MP from 2001, resigning in 2008 when he became Mayor of London.

He has taken over the job from Philip Hammond who has replaced George Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer, media reported.

May has also created a new cabinet job, Secretary of State for Brexit, likely to be called the Brexit Secretary, tasked with steering Britain out of Europe following last month’s referendum vote.

The job has been handed to David Davis who has previously served as a Europe Minister. Current Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has kept his job.

After David Cameron resigned as prime minister following the Remain camp’s defeat in the European Union (EU) referendum, Johnson had been tipped as a favourite to replace him at 10 Downing Street. But on the day nominations closed Johnson caused a shock by announcing he had decided not to stand in the leadership contest.

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Hammond was the first cabinet member to be announced by May, naming him as her next door neighbour at 11 Downing Street. Hammond had served as foreign secretary in Cameron’s cabinet, but he has had previous experience of a Treasury role.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer in David Cameron’s cabinet has resigned from the government, in what was the first shock as new Prime Minister Theresa May started the task of appointing her own front bench team.

For Hammond the job means a return to the Conservative’s Treasury team where he previously served as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. In 2007 he became Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary under Cameron has taken over May’s old job as Home Secretary. She was only given a front bench job a year ago when she became Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

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Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving officially ends



Saudi Women Driving

Riyadh, June 24 : Saudi women can legally get behind the wheel of a car for the first time Sunday as the Kingdom lifts its decades-old ban on women driving.

The change was announced last September and Saudi Arabia issued the first licences to women earlier this month, BBC reported on Sunday.

It was the only country left in the world where women could not drive and families had to hire private chauffeurs for female relatives.

However, the move comes amid an intensified crackdown on activists who campaigned for the right to drive.

At least eight women’s rights activists are being detained and could face trial in a counter-terrorism court and long prison sentences for their activism, human rights group Amnesty says.

They include Loujain al-Hathloul, a well-known figure in the campaign for women’s driving rights.

Amnesty has also called for wider reforms in Saudi Arabia, where women remain subject to male guardianship laws.

Human rights groups in the kingdom have campaigned for years to allow women to drive.

Dozens of women were arrested for driving in Riyadh in 1990 and some Saudi women began posting videos of themselves at the wheel in 2008, and between 2011 and 2014.

Thousands of women could soon take to the roads.

“It is a historic moment for every Saudi woman,” Saudi television presenter said.

She said she was behind the wheel minutes after the end of the driving ban at midnight local time (21:00 GMT Saturday).

“Those days of waiting long hours for a driver are over,” said pharmacy student Hatoun bin Dakhil, 21. “We no longer need a man.”

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President of Zimbabwe survives ‘assassination attempt’ in Bulawayo



Cairo, June 24:Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has survived an assassination attempt when he was addressing thousands at his ruling ZANU-PF party election campaign rally in the city of Bulawayo on Saturday.

The Zimbabwean president said he narrowly survived an attempt on his life after a explosion at a party rally that injured two of his vice-presidents and several party officials.

He said an object “exploded a few inches away from me – but it is not my time”.

In a message on Twitter, Mnangagwa called the explosion a “senseless act of violence”.

“The campaign has been conducted in a free and peaceful environment, and we will not allow this cowardly act to get in our way as we move towards elections,” he wrote.

Egypt condemns attack

Egypt has condemned the attack on a rally of Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he was addressing an electoral campaign, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The statement on Saturday expressed Egypt’s solidarity “with the Zimbabwean government and people to achieve security and stability in the country”.

“Egypt is comfort with the failure of such a sinful attack and the survival of the Zimbabwean president,” said the statement.

Earlier on Saturday, Egypt condemned a failed attempt to “assassinate” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during a mass rally in the capital Addis Ababa, which left at least three people dead and more than 160 injured.

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South Korean former PM Kim Jong-pil dies at 92

Before becoming Prime Minister for the first time, the retired military leader and father of two created and ran the Korean Intelligence Agency and later headed the then ruling Democratic Republican Party.



PM Kim Jong-pil

Seoul, June 23 (IANS) Former South Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong-pil died here on Saturday at the age of 92 while being taken to a hospital.

Kim, considered among the most influential politicians in the country in previous decades, served as Prime Minister on two occasions, between 1971 and 1975, and between 1998 and 2000, Yonhap agency reported.

Born in 1926, Kim graduated from the Korea Military Academy and played an important role in the 1961 military coup led by former President Park Chung-hee, who ruled the country with an iron fist until his assassination in 1979.

Before becoming Prime Minister for the first time, the retired military leader and father of two created and ran the Korean Intelligence Agency and later headed the then ruling Democratic Republican Party.

Besides holding government posts, the influential and conservative politician served as lawmaker on nine occasions until his retirement in 2004.

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