3 of Sikar family, one from Jaipur killed in Himachal landslide

Himachal landslide
Himachal landslide

Jaipur, July 25 : Four people from Rajasthan, including three of a family hailing from Sikar, were among the nine killed in the landslide in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district on Sunday.

The other deceased was Deepa Sharma, 34, from Jaipur who was posting some beautiful pictures on her social media accounts a few hours before her sudden death.

In her introduction on her Twitter page, Deepa has said: “I am not a IAS/IPS, IIM, Ivy league school pass out, any celebrity or any Politician, but I am confident, In few years people will know my name very well for my good work and my professional attributes for our Nation and for #WomenEmpowerment..”

Her followers are stunned to believe that the woman interacting with them a few hours back is no more.

The other deceased were identified as Maya Devi Biyani, 55, from Sikar’s Bajaj Road (near Maheshwari Dharamshala), her son Anurag Biyani (35) and daughter Richa Biyani (25). Anurag was working as a Company Secretary in Mumbai, where the entire family lived.

However, they have a house in Sikar where his uncle stays.

A month back, Anurag came to Rajasthan with Richa, mother, father Nandkishore and elder sister. Two days ago, he, along with his younger sister and mother, went to Himachal on a group tour. His father had stayed back in Sikar while the elder sister returned to Mumbai.

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