3 Days, 3 Bills, Is It Pizza Delivery?” Derek O’Brien slams Government

Derek O Brien, PM Modi
Derek O Brien, PM Modi

New Delhi, July 31: The Opposition including Trinamool Congress lawmaker Derek O’Brien slammed the government over the “hurried” passage of bills without scrutinizing in the ongoing parliament session.

“Parliament is supposed to scrutinize Bills. This chart explains the bulldozing this Session. Are we delivering pizzas or passing legislation?” he tweeted on Wednesday.

He tweeted a chart purportedly showing the contrast in the number of bills that were scrutinized when the Congress-led alliance was in power. He claimed that in the present Lok Sabha, only one out of the 18 bills passed were scrutinised, bringing the number down to 5 per cent.

The attack comes a day after the contentious bill to ban ‘Triple Talaq’ sailed through the opposition-dominated Rajya Sabha.

Leader of Opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad said, ” My submission is on one side you seek list from opposition – Bills to be sent to Select Committee, you don’t come back to us, and you get it passed. You tell your people to be present&we remain under illusion that Bill is going to Select Committee. This is not done.”

” The Bill y’day (Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill, 2019)&Bill listed no.2 today (Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Bill) were listed to go to Select Committee. Y’day’s Bill was listed at night&we were given to understand they haven’t considered it,”ANI added.

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