3 Cops suspended after anti-romeo squad shave off man’s head in Shahjahanpur


Uttar Pradesh, 1 April: The anti-Romeo squad which is deployed in the state to tackle and avoid eve-teasing incidents seem taking a wrong turn as shockingly the officers held a youth in Shahjahanpur after he was found sitting with a female friend.

Reportedly, the Squad found the victim who was with his female friend outside a public park. They asked the woman to leave and called a barber and asked him to shave the man’s head in the presence of policemen who were just behaving as the mute spectators.

The incident held last week on March 22, but a video of it emerged on Friday, after which senior police officials suspended the three constables who were present at the site.

“Three constables namely, Suhail Ahmed, Laiek Ahmed and Sonu Pal have been accused of involvement in the incident. Prima facie it appears that they were present there and failed to stop those who were shaving the head of the victim. I have ordered their suspension on this ground,” Shahjahanpur SSP, K B Singh said.

Superintendent of Police K.B. Singh has ordered a probe into the matter and has suspended the three policemen for dereliction of duty. Police in the state has been acting against couples under the ‘anti-Romeo drive’.

However, the victim has not lodged any complaint against the constables in the matter.

CM Adityanath instruction to anti-Romeo squads that ensure boys, girls with consent not harassed.

Anti-Romeo squads of UP Police were formed after the Yogi Adityanath government assumed office this month, fulfilling one of the poll vows of the BJP—to ensure women’s safety and security.

However, after public outcry over harassment by such squads, the Uttar Pradesh government directed the police to ensure that no inhumane measure was adopted by the squads, including shaving of heads, blackening of faces or “murga pose” (sit-ups while holding ears).

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