2G is a scam of lies of the BJP says, Kapil Sibal

kapil Sibal
Kapil SIbal, File Photo

Special CBI Court judge OP Saini on Thursday(22nd December) acquitted former telecom minister A Raja, DMK chief K Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi, well-known businessmen, bureaucrats and all other accused of 2G scam.

In his 1,552-page order, special judge O P Saini pointed out several points which wiped out all the allegations made against several high profile people in the case. OP Saini in his judgement stated,“In the beginning, the prosecution started with the case with great enthusiasm and ardour. However, as the case progressed, it became highly cautious and guarded in its attitude making it difficult to find out as to what prosecution wanted to prove. However, by the end, the quality of prosecution totally deteriorated and it became directionless and diffident.”

With this kind of harsh ruling by CBI judge, the Congress government which was in power at that time of alleged Scam had to suffer from various political losses is now demanding an apology from former CAG (Comptroller Auditor General Of India) Vinod Rai. Senior Congress leader and RajyaSabha member Kapil Sibal who succeeded the allegedly accused Telecom minister A. Raja also submitted a zero loss theory on allegations made by CAG and opposition which further invited a lot of criticism for him. But the leader after the verdict stated,”After six years, I stand vindicated.”

He made several important points about the case in an interview with an English daily, The Indian Express. Here are some excerpts from the interview:-

On being asked what He thinks about the judgement, the leader said that it is a moral victory of Congress, he stated,”On both these counts, we have been vindicated. A lot of damage was done by Vinod Rai (former CAG) by going behind the policy.”

He also said that theory of presumptive loss had no basis and this can be applied to any public asset which is given at a reduced price. Referring Demonetisation for attacking BJP the leader told Indian Express that “Where there is the actual loss, there is no prosecution.” Briefly explaining the Rai’s pointless theory of presumptive loss, Sibal said,”In demonetisation, there was the actual loss of over 3 lakh crore. There was a 2 percent dip in GDP. Everybody involved in the policy framework of demonetisation should be prosecuted on that logic.”

Meanwhile, when the interviewee asked him about the present condition of telecom sector and impact of alleged 2G scams on it, the leader said,”It cost the economy of the country. Because all licences were cancelled, and the result was many people could not pay back their loans. For no fault of theirs. That contributed to the NPAs.”

Kapil Sibal while terming as Scam of Lies said,”If at all it is a scam, it is a scam of lies of the BJP. Rai should apologise to the nation.” On Rai’s accusation as CAG Sibal said, I think public functionaries should be more responsible when they take a decision of such magnitude.”

In the interview, Sibal claimed that Rai’s decision cost a lot to the Country, his government, treasury and Congress. When he was asked about several terms used by BJP like 2G, CWG and in the BJP’s words ‘Jijaji’ to taunt Congress the leader responded,”They (BJP) have got some captive channels with them, who will do their bidding. The BJP is not interested in the future of the nation, they are more interested in their electoral future. Therefore, they will continue to make irresponsible statements. We don’t expect anything better from them.”

Kapil Sibal, when asked about political gains to some leaders including Anna Hazare, Kejriwal the leader said,”Whatever it is, people rode on lies and came to power on the basis of lies. So the real scam is the scam of lies of the opposition. Rai caused a lot of loss not just to the credibility of the Congress, but to the telecom sector.”


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