2019 Battle is between Thugbandhan and JanBandhan: Congress

Abhishek Manu Singhvi

New Delhi, Jan 21: The Congress on Monday targetted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the upcoming battle is between Thugbandhan and people’s JanBandhan.

Addressing a press conference, Senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi, “the arrogance of PM Modi and the BJP, who claim there’ll be anarchy if they are not in power, is in fact a display of fear and nervousness”.

“The convergence of political forces opposed this rotten dispensation has led to panic in BJP and PM Modi”.

“By mocking the coming together of people for the well being of the country, Modi govt is trying to divert attention from its failures in farm sector and scams like Rafale. There is indeed a financial anarchy in the country today”.

Continuing his attack, the Congress leader stated “The most unethical alliance took place in Jammu & Kashmir between BJP and PDP”.

Singhvi also hit out at the ruling government over the hike in bank frauds.

“Last year there was a 72% spike in bank frauds. Country’s debt has increased by 50%”, he said.


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