2017 in Retrospect: 3 events that will affect the Indian politics for a long time

political retrospect
political retrospect

The following events which took place in the year 2017  would affect the Indian politics for a long period of time, Have a look.

Appointment of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh 

The year of 2017 began with Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, and Goa. But taken into consideration their impact on Indian politics UP general assembly election played a very crucial role.

Making Yogi the CM of one of the most populated states of India was a big turn towards communal politics. As he used to be a face of Hindutva politics, even the announcement of his appointment as UP CM came as a big shock for Uttar Pradesh itself. Yogi Adityanath also attracted attention from International media, The NewYork Times described him as ‘Hindu warrior-priest’ who was an astonishing choice to lead the country’s most-populous state by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP got more than expected seats in UP assembly elections, however, prior the results, there were media reports that the party won’t be able to survive due to its decision to demonize 500 and 1000 rupees notes which created a lot of problem for people. But the results change everything about UP’s regional politics as well as India.

It was believed that party would continue its strategy to appoint new leaders as the head of the state but taking in view the 2019 Loksabha assembly elections and pressure from RSS and party workers BJP appointed Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. After Yogi Adityanath reigned power in UP, BJP leaders started considering him as the successor of Prime minister Narendra Modi mainly because of his image as a Hindu leader.

Nitish Broke the Grand Alliance of Bihar 

Another big political turmoil took place in Bihar when the chief minister Nitish Kumar broke the grand alliance with Congress and RJD and decided to form an alliance with BJP, whom he earlier described as communal. Political leaders and analysts described this controversial step by the Nitish Kumar as a murder of Democracy because people in Bihar boycotted BJP at a large level and the party saw an embarrassing defeat in 2015 assembly elections.

The political gurus of India regard Sushil Modi as one of the big players in ruining the grand alliance of Bihar by relentlessly targeting Lalu and his family over their alleged unaccounted wealth. Sushil Modi kept spurring Nitish Kumar over Lalu’s Fodder scam case and the Hotel tender case and his trick finally worked when on July 27 he quit as Bihar CM until another alliance with BJP.

The end of the grand alliance also ruined the opposition party’s plan to counter BJP in 2019 Loksabha election. Nitish was an important face of the alliance against BJP and the Congress was hoping that he would benefit the party in near future. But instead of that, he played the spoilsport.

Rahul appointed as Congress President 

The third and the frontrunner political change which took place in Indian politics in the year of 2017 was the return of a more mature Rahul Gandhi. After his speech at Berkley University Rahul changed his image from an immature and insignificant politician to a more understanding, autonomous and sensible person.

After working as President of Congress for almost 20 years Sonia Gandhi vacated the seat and his son Rahul Gandhi succeded her. It is very obvious that Congress would miss the Political leadership of Sonia Gandhi but under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership Congress seems to learn a lot and the Gujarat election result came as hope for the party that it would be able to bounce back in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.


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