2,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean


A total of 2,000 migrants have been saved from 15 boats in the Mediterranean and two bodies were recovered, the Italian coastguard said.

The migrants were rescued from a ship, from a small wooden boat and from 13 rubber dinghies, the coastguard said on Thursday.

A patrol vessel from the European Union’s Frontex borders agency recovered the two dead migrants from one of the rubber dinghies, the coastguard said.

A total of 1,091 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Wednesday as people smugglers in lawless Libya continued to pack people onto their boats, taking advantage of warmer weather and calmer seas.

Some 207,000 have people have arrived since January in Europe amid its ongoing migration crisis — the biggest since World War II.

More than a million people made the journey last year, mostly fleeing war in Syria and the Middle East, according to the United Nations

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