200 prisoners escape from Brazilian jail

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Rio De Janeiro, Sep 30: Surprisingly, around 200 prisoners ran away from a Brazilian prison on Thursday after staging a riot and destroying a fence.

The state news service said that around 200 prisoners had escaped from the Jardinopolis prison, northwest of Sao Paulo, in the early morning, Xinhua reported.

However Later, Brazil’s G1 news portal said that about 100 had been recaptured.

Released snaps showed one prisoner running in a field and others being stopped by authorities.

The riot started at the morning check-up, with prisoners burning mattresses and rushing the fence. Once the fence broke, the prisoners escaped down a four-meter slope and across a road.

The military police stated in a statement that a broad recapture operation immediately launched, adding that around 100 were captured. These were then taken to a different prison in the nearby town of Ribeirao Preto.

It is said that the Jardinopolis prison has a capacity for 1,080 prisoners but currently it holds 1,864 inmates.

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