Two youths in Rajasthan made to clean quarantine ward for roaming


Jaipur, March 31 With an aim to teach a lesson to those wandering on streets during the lockdown period, officials in a town in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district to clean the quarantine wards in the city for two hours everyday for three days.

Police caught the two youths freely roaming on streets on Monday in Navalgarh area of Jhunjhunu and presented them in front of Sub-Divisional Magistrate Murari Lal Sharma.

Announcing their punishment, the SDM said that “it seems these young boys are least scared of corona and hence why not take their services for our isolation wards”.

Thereafter, he served a notice to them to clean the quarantine wards in the city.

However, after they have served for two days, their family members came up with a written apology on Tuesday which said that they shall abide by all rules of lockdown and will never roam on streets.

“I wanted to teach them a lesson so that they can learn something from this experience and hence have pardoned them now,” Sharma told IANS.

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