2 Photo jounalists assaulted after taking pics of Rajinikanth’s film shooting


Chennai, 22 March: Two photojournalists were allegedly assaulted by the crew members of superstar Rajinikanth-starrer film 2.0 during the shoot.

Ranganathan, a photojournalist, had asked the crew members for shooting on broad daylight, when they were allowed for shoot only between 11pm and 6am.

He had also informed the crew that a lady met with an accident at the same place just a week ago.

However, when no one responded to him, Ranganathan began clicking pictures.

“I just took pics to show what kind of trouble they were causing to the public without following rules. Suddenly, I was surrounded by bouncers. Even before I could ask them to move, I was assaulted,” said Ragunathan.

On the other hand, a bouncer had assaulted Sri Bharath, another photojournalist, on his face and alleged that he only tried to snatch the camera. The crew left immediately after the media came in for the rescue.

“As I was speaking to the crew men who questioned me and asked me to give my camera, I told them that there is no law against clicking pictures in a public space. One of the bouncers punched me on my face and tried to grab my camera. I regained my step and didn’t give it to him. Luckily there was a lady cop standing close by him who came for my help,” said Sri Bharath.

However, After the attack police detained Pappu who is an assistant director of 2.0.

Rajinikanth and other artists were not present at the location. However, it’s only normal the bouncers to be present at the spot, especially during such big artist’s shoot, according to a crew member.

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