2 Indigo plane crash averted on Guwahati

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Two Indigo aircraft had miraculously escaped colliding after coming perilously close to each other over Guwahati, leaving six people injured, including two air-hostesses.

The aircraft’s involved were Indigo aircraft 6E-136 Guwahati to Chennai and 6E-813 Mumbai to Guwahati.

At least four passengers and two cabin crew were shaken by the near disaster, a spokesman for Indigo Airlines said. The passengers complained of giddiness while the cabin crew needed first aid.

At least 300 people were on board on both the jets.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when an Indigo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati was about to land at the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

Just then, an Indigo flight bound for Chennai took off, crossing the flight path of the first aircraft.

“The IndiGo flight en route to Guwahati experienced turbulence due to monsoon,” said the Indigo spokesman, adding this caused it to climb down by 250-300 feet, just when the Chennai-bound aircraft was taking off.

The spokesman said both flights have been grounded and passengers evacuated. Security and fire departments have been put on high alert.

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