2 Dead, 6 injured in separated accidents in Aligarh over fog


Uttar Pradesh, Nov 8: Two dead and six injured in three separate accidents on National Highway 92 due to thick fog in Aligarh on Wednesday.

Thick smog covered the Delhi and neighbouring areas for past two days. The condition is likely to prevail coming two-three days.

The first accident took place at the Khaireshwar roundabout around 8 a.m. when a truck collided with a tractor head-on, killing two people instantly.

A second accident took place an hour later near the Allana Meat Factory on the Palwal-Aligarh highway where there was a pile-up of four vehicles. The accident left four injured.

Eight persons were injured in the third accident on the new Aligarh bypass road in another pile-up of vehicles.


Wefornews Bureau


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