18 vehicles rammed into one each other on Yamuna Expressway, Watch video

Uttar Pradesh, Nov 8: As Smog covered Delhi and neighbouring areas, it is becoming difficult for the people to drive on streets. A spate of accidents occurred due to the low visibility in many areas.

But a major accident was witnessed on Yamuna Expressway where not just one or two, 18 vehicles piles up, including a tourist bus, rammed into each other on Yamuna Expressway due to a thick layer of fog.

A video of the incident went viral which on the social media, showing speeding cars ramming into one another on the expressway.

In the video, people can be seen shouting, waving frantically at oncoming cars to slow down to avoid a collision while helping those stuck inside the mangled vehicles.

A policeman can be seen at the spot but does nothing apart from waving at the people to come out of the crushed vehicles. Several people were hurt in the pileup but no one was critically wounded.

Wefornews Bureau

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