16 years of sacrifice ignored, no support from supporters


Irom Sharmila broker her long 16 year fast yesterday. After breaking her fast she couldn’t find a roof over her head. She went to her supporters but was ignored, her supporters found it hard to accommodate her.

She spent her night in the Imphal City Police Station. It was really sad that despite her sacrifice no supporter of her, who has supported her for more than a decade and half, helped her at the time when she needed the same.

One of her fellow said, “It could be because of the fact that a few underground organizations have questioned the withdrawal of Ms. Sharmila’s fast.”
Earlier, a Meitei insurgent outfit and Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) an ultra-leftist group, proposed her not to end the fast. That may be the reason she did not have much support. Only a few women and bunch of activists stood by her. Her decision and action on ending her fast might have upset many in Manipur.

Malem Ningthouja, an academic and activist, told The Hindu that “People in Manipur do not trust Indian electoral politics. They think that by joining politics, Irom Sharmila will end up like them.”

Many do not support her to join politics as Ms. Sharmila’s mission remained incomplete. .

“For the last 16 years, her fast has been a crucial point in the movement against AFSPA and it would be extremely cynical and a wrong representation of the facts to say that the fast has turned out to be a failure after it is withdrawn,” Dr. Sen told The Hindu.

Outside Manipur, she has strong support and many said the ‘Iron Lady’ has “good reasons” to withdraw her fast now in 2016. Civil rights activist Dr. Binayak Sen said it would be “wrong to state that Sharmila’s job remained incomplete.”

She has very strong support outside Manipur and many said the Sharmila has every right to withdraw her fast. Civil rights activist, Dr. Binayak Sen believes that it is wrong to say that her decision of breaking her fast has not fulfilled her struggle against AFSPA.

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