16 Envoys on two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Srinagar Situation

New Delhi, Jan 9: Foreign envoys from 16 countries including US are on as visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday at the government’s invitation where the internet restrictions are still in place and political leaders and others who have mass appeal or can influence the people of Jammu and Kashmir are under detention. The government have not revealed the time and date of the release of detainees.
“The 15 countries whose envoys will take the government organised tour are expected to include some in Africa and Latin America. There is also a possibility that some envoys from Middle East countries could also be part of the group. The 15-member delegation is being taken to J&K to “see first-hand the efforts being made by the government to bring the situation to normal,” sources said.
The locals are not allowed to speak up their views rather the force deployed at the time of repealing the special status of Jammu and Kahsmir is still in place on the excuse of terrorism.

Government sources added, “The (EU) Group would (also) be free to interact with people subject to security considerations. In any case, no ambassador had specifically asked to meet anyone who was detained. It was therefore decided that a Group of EU ambassadors will undertake a trip to J&K at a later date. Reports that EU ambassadors are not part of the group of envoys visiting UT of Jammu & Kashmir due to certain restrictions in the programme are unfounded and mischievous.”

They will meet Lt Governor G C Murmu as well as civil society members, they said.

Besides the US, the delegation will include diplomats from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Norway, Maldives, South Korea, Morocco, and Nigeria, among others.

The 16-member delegation will be on a “guided tour” led by the Indian government representative and will not allow people to meet them.

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