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15 August, 1947, Day to feel the freshness of freedom

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Before 70 years, the day to wipe tears of years arrive
after the nation freed for the exchange of lives

 colors of blood spread a sense of unity in divesity
nation were calling for the justice after watching painful bullets graffiti

Amritsar Massacre-wefornews

Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar

souls in death of well got peace after day reflect
The sacrifice of Bhagat singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru brought a slave ending threat

the britishers forced to accept the defeat
after the nation’s extreme will to achieve

bhagat singh-wefornews

Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru

the liberty to express, rule, and demand what people want
and feel the freshness of freedom that nation then can’t

The night of 15 August 1947, took away all the evils of dark
ensured the light of independence with a vow of new start.

-By Shivangi Raghav

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Poem on Pollution

For a change we had Pollution for last 42 months of diff kinds




We faced #Pollution of air for last 20 years

But that isn’t necessarily the only Pollution

For a change we had Pollution for last 42 months of diff kinds

We have #Pollution of thought

We also have #Pollution of speech

And what about #Pollution of conduct

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Poem : Paradise Lost




Once there was a leader called Modi
Whose promise of heaven sent the nation into stupor

All and sundry bought his dream of good times
The leader unmasked his shroud of deceit

What people saw was face of evil
The leader went on rampage destroyed one and all

Dreams of people turned into nightmares
Is our Paradise lost for ever?

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Life is not a pre-written fate, it’s a book of blank pages



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 Life is not a pre-written fate, it’s a book of blank pages

that we fill with the ink of our different phases

It doesn’t matter we fill it with tears, or smiles

because these ups n downs actually adds variety in one’s life

Don, t move so fast or too slow,  just be on time to actually grow

a fast horse may win the race but missed out precious moments of peace

work like a catalyst to enjoy the present and gradually act to strengthen the base

It’s completely in your hand how to design

Whether to curse the destiny or to act with hard work of divine.

Because in the last u will find nothing else

But sweet and salty memories of life-time

By Shivangi Raghav


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