12 Signs You And Your Guy Are The Coolest Couple!

And here are a few signs that you and your guy are the coolest couple around.

1. Awkwardness Doesn’t Exist

You both are very comfortable around each other and can basically say or do anything you like around each other.


2. You Have Your Own Lives

You love spending time together but that doesn’t stop you from having separate lives. You hang out with your friends individually too and don’t need to be attached at the hip to feel secure.

3. You Introduce Each Other To New Interests

He introduced you to deep house music and you got him to fall in love with sushi!

4. He’s Your Rock

You can trust each other, have no insecurities and depend on each other completely.


5. You Influence Each Other’s Fashion Choices

You make quite a stylish couple, even if you do say so yourself! Your wardrobes have definitely evolved for the better since you both got together.

6. You Don’t Hold Each Other Back

You have no desire to control each other but instead encourage the other. You’re the wind below the other’s wings. Aww!

7. You’re Not One Of THOSE Couples

You know the type, who have to sit next to each other everywhere and hold hands and call each other “jaanu” a bit too loudly. The two of you are just the opposite, and your friends love being around both of you!


8. You Make Each Other Laugh

Without really trying too hard!

9. The Two Of You Are Buddies!

He’s your best friend first and then your boyfriend. You can drink beer and play video games and even go on a shopping spree together.


10. Together, You’ve Got It All

You complement each other so well and bring out the brightest in the other. You’re the ketchup to his fries, the flip to his flop, the silver to his lining!

11. You’re Going To Take On The World Together

The future seems bright and together you will take on EVERYTHING.

12. You Basically Rock At Being A Couple

You support each other, don’t hold each other back, encourage and understand each other and, most importantly, you enjoy each other. You’ve got this whole relationship thing nailed pretty much. Go on and high-five each other!

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