12 BJP MPs have been removed from three key parliamentary committees


Some BJP MPs in parliamentary committees have paid the price of absence.The party is removed from the parliamentary committees.12 BJP MPs have been removed from three key parliamentary committees.

These committees are: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Estimate Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings.According to sources, most MP’s have been removed from estimates committee These are Vinod Khanna, Vikram Jdoh Darshana, Sanjay Jaiswal, Kirti Azad, Om Birla and Ganesh Singh.While SS Ahluwalia, Dushyant Singh and Ramesh Pokhriyal has been removed from the Public Accounts Committee.Varun Gandhi, Pankaj Chaudhary Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan and has been removed from the Committee on Public Undertakings.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu, have repeatedly instructed of BJP MPs . Naidu said, In the BJP parliamentary party meeting.But the MPs have different argument.

Are Thease committees,MP’s are absence between monsoon and winter session But at the same time engaged in elections in Bihar MPs.MP from Rajasthan were the work of local body elections..

SS Ahluwalia from the party who had been given responsblity for another parliamentry committee And they could not take part in the meeting of the two committees.One of the MP’s who removed were also took part in several meetings.But despite he has been removed.

BJP MPs have committed to the edification of punctuality.Earlier, those MPs who come late in the parliamentary party meet has been targeted. Party had worried due to absence of BJP MP’s for such an important bill ‘Aadhar’ .The party says that such action was necessary,So that a strong message is given.


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