SC directs Karnataka to provide Tamil Nadu with 177 TMC of Cauvery water

Cauvery water dispute
Image : PTI

Supreme court of India on Friday gave its verdict on Cauvery water dispute. The Court directed Karnataka to release 177.25 TMC(Thousand Million Cubic) of Cauvery water to be released for Tamil Nadu. 

The verdict has reduced Tamil Nadu’s allocation of Cauvery water from Karnataka from 192 tmcft to 177.25 tamcft from the inter-state Biligundlu dam.

Tamil Nadu will now get 404.25 tmcft of Cauvery water instead of 419 tmcft allotted by tribunal. This is 14.74 tmcft lesser that the Tribunal’s award.

The apex court also announced that neither of the states could claim ownership of a river.

Karnataka to get an additional 14.75 TMC, says Supreme Court.

Supreme Court also said that 20 TMC of groundwater in Tamil Nadu had not been accounted for & needed to be seen.

SC made it clear that increase in the share of Cauvery water for Karnataka by 14.75 TMC has been done keeping in view the fact that there is an increased demand of drinking water by Bengaluru & also for many industrial activities.


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