10 Things that all men do


Everything you basically learned as an actual child about boys but there are so many Some things never change.

1. They do not realise when you try to flirt. flirt-wefornewsMany times we see that when girls try to flirt they don not understand what is happening.

2. They’re mean when they like you. like1-wefornews
This meant always picking you as “goose” in a rousing game of duck, duck, goose in the childhood time. At 25, this means texting back, “yeah same,” when you send something emotional and genuine.

3. They’re icky. popcorn-wefornewsThere are many times when you see men stick their hands down their pants and then use that same hand to grab a handful of popcorn out of a communal bowl.

4. They find it funny when they fart. smelling-wefornewsMost of the boys, thinks its funny when they fart, especially when they fart on someone else.

5. They don’t know what to do with dirty clothes.wash-wefornewsMen really do not know what to do with their dirty clothes after playing match outside with full of dust.

6. They’re dumb at picking out presents. gift-wefornewsThey actually do not understand what to pick out on special occasions.

7. Boys are horrible at matching.Wearing-socks-wefornews They do not care which colour are they wearing now for men it means wearing navy socks with black pants.

8. They’re smelly.men sweat-wefornewsWe all know that a boy sweat smells so much worse than girl’s sweat but no one knows why this happens.

10. They don’t know what to do when they start liking you. friend-wefornews
The most important thing of all is that they do not how to express especially when they like you.

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